Wilford University Scholarship

Wilford helps students pay for college through The Wilford Pledge-a scholarship program that rewards you for your unique talents and skills. Through the Wilford Pledge, you can qualify or up to 90% scholarship on your total program fee. Our pledge to you is good for as long as you attend any of our degree program and make adequate academic progress.

More than 95% of Wilford students receive financial aid-and so could you. Wilford University's Financial Aid programs specializes in helping you find the resources to afford your education. You'll be eligible for additional aid Wilford raises privately that is only available to our students. This Wilford Pleadge scholarship program means that the portion you pay for an education at Wilford could be much less than at other campus based universities.

Making it Possible.

At Wilford University, we're committed to making sure nothing stands in the way of your college education, especially finances. With financial assistance in the form of Wilford Pledge scholarships, work & study programs available to all qualified students, you can reach your educational goals without putting a huge financial burden on your life

Wilford Value.

Attending a private university that offers personalized attention, a highly-involved and supportive faculty with a commitment to help every student get his dream job is no longer reserved for people with money. Our financial aid packages allow students to get this type of education without worrying about the large tuition fees that you would typically see from a private university. Oftentimes, a Wilford student's total out-of-pocket amount is much lower than they would ever expect.

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